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Sea Days_Sail Szczecin 2012

Thursday, 24/05/2012
Sea Days_Sail Szczecin 2012

Traditionally, during the second weekend of June Polish and foreign yachts, beautiful tall ships and unique old timers are visiting Szczecin. Our city will become the capital of yachting for several days one more time.

 This year we will guest 30 sailing boats from Poland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland and Russia. For the first time we will see replicas of medieval cogs. „Lisa von Lübeck” and „Ubena von Bremen” will come from Germany. Dutch tall ship class A "Wylde Swan" will also visit our city for the first time. The biggest in Polish Navy submarine ORP Orzeł and tall ships: „Kruzenshtern”, „Dar Młodzieży” and „Fryderyk Chopin” will be undoubted attraction this year.

Not only ships will create holiday and summer atmosphere. On Thursday, 7th. June in Łasztownia from 5pm untill the late evening there will be a concert of folk music and shanties. For the whole weekend, we will be able to sail on old timers boats, take part in educational workshops "With the wind and on the Water", visit Marine Academy which will make engine room simulator and planetarium accessible for the visitors.

Music is an inseparable part of fun and there will be a lot of entertainment at the Szczecin embankment. Apart from folk and shanties concert in which Dair, Stary Szmugler or Dikanda will perform, we will also listen to the biggest world hits performed by the finalists of the first edition of Must Be the Music Tv Show - Tea Time Boogie (Friday, 8th.June) and the next day (Sunday, 9th.June) Polish hits.

Main concerts will take place at Chrobry Embankment. On Friday evening, 8th of June, we have pleasure to invite you to music show by Waldemar Malicki and Joke Philharmonic "Live in Szczecin". We're waiting for you at two hour spectacle full of music and humor, surprising twists and play of lights. Saturday will be more of dance and full of entertainment. Famous Andrzej Piaseczny and Feel band will perform and then new raising stars such as a vocalist - Honorata "Honey" Skarbek and Alexandra. Fireworks display will finish the concerts.

It is worth mentioning 2 concerts that are always present in the Sea Days every year. One of them is devoted to "... those who haven't returned from the sea" which will take place in Central Cemetery. "Requiem" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Saturday, 9th June) is prepared by Opera in the Castle especially for this occasion. Second music event which presents marine character of Szczecin is called "Sail Szczecin- Let's sail to Szczecin" which is the best folk and shanties bands' concerts.

Sea Days don't have to associate only with water. In Jana z Kolna Street there will be the 11th Rally of Unique Mercedes Cars. At the same time lovers of motorcycles will meet in Szczecin too. Motorcycles Rally "Cruiser Party- the 14th Junak Celebration" will take place at Dąbie Lake Beach.

There are a lot of other attractions in the program too such as games for children, balloon flights, theatrical reviews, fair of handicrafts.

Detailed information available at: www.dnimorza.szczecin.eu

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