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The Pionier Cinema

The Pionier Cinema
Contact details:

ul. Wojska Polskiego 2
70-470 szczecin

+48 91 434 77 02

The Pionier Cinema was founded by Albert Pietzke, under the name of Helios. The first screening was made on 26 September 1909. Since the very beginning the cinema has had a specific atmosphere. 

Even after a thorough renovation in 2002, which brought modern equipment, the cinema did not lose its charm. In the cinema, in the so called Kiniarnia (Cinema Café), you can see a movie sitting at a table, in a café-like atmosphere. The cinema is a member of prestigious Europa Cinemas and Studio Cinemas networks. 

In August 2005 the Pionier cinema was awarded the title of the oldest still working cinema in the world. Below is a certificate issued by the Guiness World Records. 

Guinness World Records - CERTIFICATE
The oldest cinema in the world is the Pionier Cinema which opened as the Helios on the 26 September 1909 in Stettin, Germany (now Szczecin, Poland) and is still in operation today.

Kino Pionier
every day: 15.30-21.00

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