Poznaj Szczecin

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Central Cemetery

Central Cemetery
Contact details:

Ku Słońcu St. 125 a
71-080 Szczecin

+48 91 48 56 866

Charm of the walks in silence and reflection, magic of cultural event.
The biggest and the most beautiful cemetery in Poland, which has more from park character than from the character of place of eternal rest. The project had been made by city architect Mr Wilhelm Meyer-Schwartau, who took care of cemetery beauty, using natural landscape virtues, hills differences, water flows. The cemetery had been designed of park’s assumptions, of great amount of different, often exotic plants, hedges, interesting elements of small architecture, fountains, stones pits and other sculptures elements. On the cemetery (especially on the terrain of regenerated last year lapidary), up to present days have been preserved not many monuments from before wars. Among them are single tombstones, but also exquisite stelles or original colonnade, exemplifying unusually exceptional and interesting examples of stones arts. Central Szczecin’s necropolis is the place which is very often visited by inhabitants and tourists. Special atmosphere which surrounds this exceptional cemetery causes, that here also cultural events are taking place.

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