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Skandal Gay Club

Contact details:

ul. 3-go Maja 20

+48516 183 833
Tourist card:

The origins of this place are in the late 90's in the XX century. This is the first and oldest hetero-friendly club in Szczecin. In the beginning it was located in another place and with a different name. Since the opening it changed the location three times and the name twice: from "It's here" and "Inferno" to today's "Scandal". But one thing has always been unchanged - a friendly atmosphere, where there are no taboos, you can feel safe and free to do whatever you wish.
This is a place where everyone (regardless of sexual orientation), who just wants to have fun is welcome.
The Scandal is recently situated ond 3 Maja avenue. This has three main advantages: it is very close to the main railway station (so easy to find); two other fantastic places are nearby: disco City Hall/Tanz Bar and a pub mentioned yesterday - Ceglana (both accept the Szczecin Tourist Card!). The third advantage is the place - a large space made it possible to make two levels and design the space with a real flourish. They created also a zone of silence, where you can just talk in comfort.
Also, "Scandal" is itself a tourist attraction because it is situated in a former headquarters of Directorate of the Royal Iron Railway (Königliche Eisenbahn - Direktion). The original antique doors of the instutution have been preserved.
It is the place with such a long tradition, where were born two stars of the Polish draq queen stage: Sellina De Mellon and Charlotte.

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