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LuLu Club

LuLu Club
Contact details:

ul. Partyzantów 2
70-222 Szczecin

+48 516-013-013

Lu Lu Club is located in the center of Szczecin, in a historic building, which since its inception in 1852 served as the pre-war entertainment center of Szczecin. In the theater, which now houses the club, before the war was the German casino. Interior of the club has a stylish Art Deco French refers to the history of the place or the flowering of the 20's and 30's of last century. The essential elements of design are the themes of the paintings 19th-century French painters, referring to the style of cabaret. A large part of the club scene is theatrical, which is used in the course of events for all kinds of performances and concerts.

On the opposite side of the room is a bar of unusual, smooth shape, and above it, on the balcony, lounge - a unique place for the most demanding guests expecting more privacy and comfort. Lu Lu Club is open on Fridays and Saturdays. 19:00 to 05:00. The Club is a place of entertainment designed for guests aged 21 years, waiting for fun and a sense of security (which provides a selection policy at the entrance).

Mon - Sat: 19.00 - 5.00

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