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Kino Helios Szczecin Outlet Park

Kino Helios Szczecin Outlet Park
Contact details:

Helios Szczecin Outlet Park
Adres :Andrzeja Struga 42, 70-784 Szczecin


Phone booking: individual:91 810 67 60 group:91 810 67 61

Helios Szczecin Outlet Park Cinema is placed in the biggest outlet in West Pomeranian region. It has 7 air-conditioned cinema rooms which are equipped with high-quality audio and screening equipment and pearl Harkness screens. 1403 viewers can be seated in comfortable Figueras armchairs in Helios Cinema.

Helios Cinema offers apart from standard screenings:

  • special pre-premiere films with the attendance of its creators,
  • film marathons,
  • concerts,
  • games and plays for children,competitions,
  • film shows for school groups and companies.

Helios Cafe

We also invite to Helios Cafe where you can drink your everyday coffee, relax, meet friends and enjoy waiting for the film show.
Menu of Helios Cafe includes:

  •  wide variety of cakes, 
  • cold drinks (pepsi, juice, water),
  • fresh juice
  • smoothies
  • sweet snacks
  • ice-creams and desserts.


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