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CafeIn Szczecin

CafeIn Szczecin
Contact details:

CafeIn Szczecin
ul. Kaszubska 67

Pedestrian Area on Kaszubski Alley next to the Shopping Mall „Kaskada” /vis a vis Sphinks restaurant/
70-403 Szczecin



CafeIn -  lunch/cocktail bar serving delicious coffee, tea, alcohol beverages, smoothies and fresh squeezed fruit
juice as well as desserts. It is a colorful and cheerful interior, full of sun and great atmosphere- a perfect place for late
breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends and family. Kids are welcomed! Comfortable armchairs invite our guests to delve
into them and relax enjoying the great music system. We also have a separate smoking area, and a summer garden.
You can easily park your car in the Kaskada Mall or on a street 120m away from the alley.

Free Wi-Fi /We accept credit cards/ Take away - optional.

Mon-Sat 10:00 - 22:00
Sun 10:00 - 20:00


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