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The Tall Ships' Races 2009 - finals

Monday, 03/08/2009
The Tall Ships' Races 2009 - finals

A sea parade of 100 sailing ships concluded this year's finals of the Regatta and bade farewell to the hospitable Kłajpeda village.
During the four-day running of The Tall Ships' Races 2009 finals, the prizes were handed out, and the winners included the Szczecin Yachting Representative Team.
The Szczein Representation, sailing on board the sailing ship STS Fryderyk Chopin and the yachts Dar Szczecina and Hajduk, was awarded by Kłajpeda town the prize for the best-looking crew of the street parade. The representatives of our city presented the prize to the Mayor of Szczecin, Piotr Krzystek, who stayed in Kłajpeda during the finals.
The first prize for the best international cooperation, awarded by crews of the yachts and sailing ships participating in the Regatta, also went to a yacht from Szczecin, SHARKI.
On the last day of the finals, an ecumenical service was held at St. Mary The Queen Church and a Catholic mass was celebrated by priests from the Polish church in Kłajpeda on board Dar Młodzieży. 
As always, the finals ended with a fireworks display enjoyed by everyone, long after which the guests strolled and admired the moored vessels.
The official celebrations with the participation of the Mayor of Szczecin Piotr Krzystek, the authorities of Kłajpeda and the captains of the vessels taking part in the Regatta presented an opportunity to discuss the organisation of The Tall Ship Races 2013, whose final will also be held in Szczecin.
As a reminder, this year's Regatta was held on the route among four ports on the Baltic Sea. It commenced on 2 July in Gdynia, then the ships sailed through the ports of St Petersburg in Russia, Turk in Finland and Kłajpeda in Lithuania. 

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