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Szczecin is very well prepared

Thursday, 31/07/2008
Szczecin is very well prepared

Janusz Mikuła, undersecretary in the Ministry of Regional Development, during the official visit in Szczecin emphasized that Szczecin is well prepared for building an incinerating plant.
He also stressed that the city runs social consultation which at this stage is not required by European or national laws. The minister’s visit in Szczecin is connected with the application of EU funds under the framework of the Infrastructure and Environment Project, in particular with the realisation of the activity “Building of the incinerating plant” in Szczecin. During the conference the minister stressed the necessity of checking suggested locations and that it is essential to prepare the application very thoroughly in order not to lose the opportunity for EU funding.
Icinerating plant scheme is patterned on the solution in Vienna. The plant will appear in Szczecin after a good location has been chosen. Three possible locations are taken into consideration: two in Miedzyodrze and one in Pomorzany district. After preparing the feasibility case and environmental report it will be clear which location is the best.
“While taking the final decision economic and social factors will be taken into consideration”, assured Deputy Mayor of Szczecin, Beniamin Chocholski. The chairman of The Electric Power Plant in Szczecin Jerzy Kondratowicz and the chairman of The Provincial Fund For Environmental Protection and Water Management Jacek Chrzanowski, took part in the talks with the minister and Piotr Krzystek Mayor of Szczecin, who stressed that energy retrieval is a very important element of the building of the incinerating plant and it will allow reducing costs of waste utilization. The investment will cost about 300m PLN and the city can get 255m PLN from the EU.

According to EU laws it is crucial to reduce community biodegradable waste deposit. By the year 2020 up to 35% can go to dumps of the total of biodegradable ingredients produced after 1995. With the aim of realizing complex waste management project a new waste management economy has been prepared with goals and types of activities to be performed. They include more waste collection points as well as launching compost and waste sorting plants. Information about the advances made can be found at: www.gospodarka-odpadami.pl

Photo: Press conference with Janusz Mikula the minister, Piotr Krzystek Mayor of Szczecin and Beniamin Chocholski Deputy Mayor of Szczecin

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