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The "Stary" Sailing Ship Arrives in Iceland

Wednesday, 01/07/2009
The "Stary" Sailing Ship Arrives in Iceland

After 28 days of sailing, the “Stary” sailing ship, under the command of Maciej Krzeptowski, has reached the coast of Iceland.

The “Stary” sailing ship has reached Iceland through the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean, covering in total 2000 nautical miles. So far, as many as 20 young West-Pomeranian sailors have been on board, with the crew being changed twice – in Thyboron and in Bergen. The sailing ship is under the command of Maciej Krzeptowski. Grzegorz Węgrzyn is the 1st officer (on the Szczecin – Bergen route: Kazimierz Sawczuk), and Cezary Pawłowski is the 2nd officer.
The 3rd stage crew, who have sailed 1,100 miles and reached the Isle of Mist in Reykjavík, will meet the 4th stage crew, who yesterday departed from a Berlin airport. They will jointly participate in the ceremony of unveiling a commemorative plaque in the local Maritime Museum. As part of this meeting, arrangements have been made, in cooperation with the Polish Consulate in Iceland, for:
- the ceremonial unveiling of a commemorative plaque to the Witeź II sailing ship in the Maritime Museum in Reykjavík, where certain pictures and other records related to the cruise of Witeź II will be placed.

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