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Rose Garden Café to Open in 2009

Friday, 28/11/2008
Rose Garden Café to Open in 2009

Multi-use facility will offer a unique space for conference, exhibition and concerts.

The amenities continue to grow for residents and visitors with the announcement that the city’s Rose Garden soon will be home to a new café. The architectural concept of the building is ready and soon a public invitation to tender for construction design will take place.
“The café will be all build with glass, including roof, to make an impression when one is sitting inside, he is still in the garden,” said architect Joanna Wojtecka, who developed the concept. “The proposed building should be very ecological – there will be energy saving heating system including pumps that regain heat.”
Plans call for a single-story structure with a total area 750 square meters. Outside pergolas are connected to those already existing in the Rose Garden. In the summertime, it will be possible for visitors to enjoy their refreshments on an open-air terrace. A system of pools will be surrounded by additional tables and umbrellas are part of a proposed orangery.
“In addition to walking among the nine thousand plants of almost 100 rose varieties, it will be possible to take a rest in the café, take part in a vernissage, or listen to a concert in the new building,” said Joanna Urban, director of Zakład Usług Komunalnych.
The building will possess a cellar and kitchen, as well as storage space and restrooms for visitors. Depending on the requirements, the facility is envisioned as a venue for formal balls and dances, an exhibition hall a chamber music and recital room, and a place for lectures.


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