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More tourists in Szczecin

Thursday, 18/09/2008
More tourists in Szczecin

On the commission of the city of Szczecin The Tourist Institution in Warsaw prepared the report ‘Tourism In Poland In 2007 - Big Cities’

It is clear from the report that in 2007 1,1m tourists ( 0,6 m domestic tourists and 0,5 foreign tourists) came to Szczecin and that means 0,3m more in comparison with the year 2006. What is also important is the fact that the average length of stay in Szczecin was about 3 days while in 2006 it was only 2 days.
In 2007 domestic tourists spent in Szczecin about 51,1 m PLN. 
Apart from Cracow and Gdańsk, Szczecin is another Polish city where people come in tourist purposes rather than on business ones. An important conclusion can be drawn that events organised in the city together with numerous possibilities of spending money have considerably livened up tourist movement within the city.
What can also be observed is the fact that most tourists coming to Szczecin did not use services offered by travel agencies but arranged their trips by themselves. Most foreign tourists were young people up to 24 years old. As far as ‘sentimental’ or ‘coming back to roots’ tourism from German market is concerned, the falling tendency can be observed. According to the data provided by the Institution 15m foreign tourists came to Poland (4% less in comparison with 2006) and 34,9 m of the Poles made journeys within Poland. Undoubtedly strong Polish zloty and attractive prices of tours abroad for Polish people contribute to the falling tendency.

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