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A gardener for the Floating Garden

Thursday, 03/09/2009
A gardener for the Floating Garden

Szczecin announces plans to appoint a professional to oversee the city’s public areas and parklands.

Green areas are a key attribute, contributing much to the overall quality of life of residents and as an attraction that keeps visitors returning again and again to the city. With this in mind, Szczecin Mayor Piotr Krystek announced at a September press conference that his administration intends to appoint a director to oversee development and upkeep of the city’s abundance of parkland.

The appointment of a gardener matches the Floating Garden brand, which emphasises values of the city such as its green areas and natural resources – the mayor told reporters, noting that with 30 per cent of the city’s land comprising green areas, Szczecin stands among the leading Polish and European cities in terms of its commitment to open space.

To meet the demands and wishes of the scientific community, and also those of residents, as well as in response to analyses conducted by the city, the Mayor decided to concentrate the supervision over the green areas in one place. A search is underway for a coordinator whose duties will include supervision, conservation, current maintenance and development of green areas. The appointment also will increase the effectiveness of supervision over activities conducted by companies that cultivate green areas at the city’s request

The City Gardener will work within the structure of the Municipal Services Company, having the rank of deputy director. As such, the appointee will have a real influence and supervision over implementation of tasks related to both current maintenance and development of the green areas.

The announcement of the contest for a city gardener is the next step of the city towards more efficient management of a precious city resource and is keeping with the Floating Garden 2050 branding campaign. As a result, Szczecin is going to be a greener, more beautiful place for the enjoyment of all.

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