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Days of the Sea 2008

Saturday, 14/06/2008

Szczecin Days of the Sea 2008 are slowly coming to an end. Despite changeable weather conditions over 20 thousand spectators participated in Saturday event at Chrobry Embankment.

The festival included numerous parades, firework displays, performances and concerts. The organizers have not forgotten about football fans. As the festival is coinciding with the European Football Championships, special ‘football taverns’ with wall screens showing the matches were set up. 
Before the final statistics and summaries, here is the first general report.

Tall Ships and shanty bands

The event started on Friday rainy afternoon. At 10 o’clock Piotr Krzystek Mayor of Szczecin welcomed coming vessels, including ‘The Gift of Youth’ and navy vessel ORP Cracow. 
There was a special stage for concerts of shanty bands including Flash Creep, Old Smugglers, Oftry and many others. Marek Szurawski and Ryszard Muzaj encouraged participants to join singing with them.
Highlights in the history of the festival include performances of famous artists, this year Maciek Silski, Lona and Skambomambo band appeared on the stage. The spectators anxiously awaited the International Fireworks Display for the first time being organized in Szczecin with participants from Canada, German and Italy. 

Launching the book

The symbolic launching the book on the board of a ship has been the tradition of the annual maritime festival in Szczecin. This year the book “Dziewice do boju’ by Monika Szwaja, a famous journalist and writer of Szczecin origin, has been launched. 

First time events

Apart from the International Fireworks Display, the Sea Parade has been organized also for the first time in Szczecin. The parade included school pupils, university students and representatives of cultural institutions demonstrating Szczecin’s links to the sea in a humorous way. The first prize a cup full of loli pops and 5 thousand PLN went to Junior High School 24. Another competition for primary schools included presenting their booths called “World Ports” in different ways. Children presented the ports of Africa, Caribbean, Copenhagen and Shanghai were presented. The jury under the lead of Elzbieta Masojc Deputy Mayor of Szczecin has awarded Primary School 63 with the first prize.
On the occasion of Days of the Sea the Sedina sandy sculpture has come back to Szczecin.
The real Sedina monument is likely to appear in our town. During Days of the Sea the members of the association ‘Merchants for Szczecin’ collected money for building the monument.
A very nice part of the festival was football matches inaugurated by Tomasz Jarmolinski Deputy Mayor of Szczecin and participated by the members of the Polish Steamship Company – Sea Economy, Unibaltic, Elevator Eva, PAZIM, The Sea Office and Pogon Oldboj.

In full sails

The crew of ‘The Gift of Youth’ ship has prepared a very nice surprise for the spectators in the form of climbing the mast and spreading the sails late in the evening with music and lights. Piotr Krzystek Mayor of Szczecin who took part in the performance climbed the mast of ‘The Gift of Youth’ too. The reason he did it was to reveal Szczecin coat of arms on the two sails. The view of the symbol of Szczecin was warmly applauded by all the people observing the whole performance.
Hoping that this special atmosphere will accompany all the rest parts of the festival, on behalf of MTS, SAA and the city authorities - the organizers of the festival, I would like to thank all the editors for their contribution to the Days of the Sea festival.

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