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"Dar Szczecina" the best!

Tuesday, 14/07/2009
"Dar  Szczecina" the best!

On Saturday (11 July) the Prime Minister of Russia Władimir Putin in St Petersburg welcomed the sailing ships taking part in the first stage of this year’s Tall Ships’ Races. He also handed out prizes to teams of 20 vessels, to the winners of the races, for the first three places in every class, as well as to prize-winners for other achievements.

The best result among all 30 Polish sailing ships and yachts taking part in the 1st stage of the races was achieved by our “Dar Szczecina”, with its captain Jerzy Szwoch, taking 4th place in the Class “C” and 19th in the overall classification.

The only Polish yacht which was on the list of the 20 previously-mentioned vessels which were awarded by Mr Putin, was a debutant in races „Butterfly” from Szczecin, with a 20-year-old captain Jacek Atroszko. He was distinguished with the prize of St. Petersburg city for the youngest crew of the races. The same award was won by yachts from Szczecin in the previous years – these were, respectively, “Magnolia” and „Zryw” from the Palace of the Youth.

Finally, at the finish of the I stage 75 yachts and sailing ships were classified (23 vessels withdrew from the races). Out of 11 yachts of Szczecin or West Pomeranian origin the finishing line was achieved, besides “Dar Szczecina”, by four more yachts (in brackets places in their class and in the overall classification): „F. Chopin” (14/50), „Sharki” (12/36), „Ulysses” (25/67) and „Butterfly” (25/75).

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