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The Cruising Season

Tuesday, 09/06/2009
The Cruising  Season

On 10 June, Szczecin welcomed one of the largest cruisers worldwide. Others will come to our City in August.
On 10 June at 7 am, a British cruiser – the Black Watch, moored at the Polish seaside, being one of the largest cruisers that have ever visited Szczecin.
Sailing under the flag of the Bahamas, and owned by the Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, the Black Watch is one of the largest cruisers, in terms of size, that Szczecin has ever seen. Its total length is 205.47 m, width 25.20 m, and draught 7.7 m. The four-day cruise, which commenced on 31 May in Dover (England), included the following harbours – Klaipeda, Sankt Petersburg, Helsinki, Szczecin, and Copenhagen.
At the same time, the cruiser was also a record-breaker as regards the number of passengers visiting our City, with 739 people on board. Among the passengers, the citizens of Great Britain were in the majority and the 335-strong crew was international. The previous record belonged to the Seven Seas Voyagera, which on 23 July 2008 arrived at Szczecin with 663 passengers on board.
The Black Watch is not the only seagoing cruiser to visit Szczecin this year. An American cruiser – Silver Cloud - will moor at Szczecin on 19 August, and the following day ( 20 August) the City will welcome a German cruiser – the Delphin. Both ships will be moored at the Chrobry Walls (in Polish: Wały Chrobrego).

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