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The conquest of the Baltic Sea

Wednesday, 20/08/2008
The conquest of the Baltic Sea

Marcin Gienieczko, a well-known traveller, journalist, and keen sailor this time aimed for the Baltic Sea. Within 10 days he intends to kayak along the Polish coast from Szczecin to Gdynia.

Start of the expedition – 25 August (Tuesday) at 8.00 am. from Chrobry Embankments.
During this expedition Marcin Gienieczko will visit, among others, Dźwirzyno, Kołobrzeg, Darłówek. Whole route is almost 500 km. 
The canoeist wants to cover this distance within about 10 days, paddling 10 hours a day.
Marcin Gienieczko , a 31-year old journalist, photographer, and traveller, he has already visited almost the whole world. He has also been on many extreme excursions: a horse expedition around Mongolia, hiking around Tibet, visiting Baikal Siberia on foot and a lone swim by pontoon along the Yukon river. For eight years he has been involved in foreign reporting. His articles and photos have appeared in many well-known magazines and newspapers, among others, „Newsweek”, „Sukces”, „ Gazeta Wyborcza”. 
More information on the traveller and the expedition can be found at:


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