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Bronze for Szczecin

Sunday, 09/08/2009
Bronze for Szczecin

Place – Szczecin. Elements – water and wind. Who – the young and their windsurf boards. 
Nearly forty competitors participated in the National Long-Distance Youth Windsurfing Championships in the Olympic windsurfing class RS:X, held in Szczecin.

Contestants from all over the country, boys and girls, competed against each other, including several former and current world and European windsurfing champions. Szczecin was represented by seven contestants from the Pałac Młodzieży Youth Sports Centre, including this year's U16 vice-champion Błażej Błażowski, as well as Jan Handke, the International Champion from Germany and the former U14 World Champion.
Great tension could be sensed among the contestants right from the start. The desire for fast racing and victory was so enormous that the competitors false-started and the contest had to be re-started. The young windsurfers started at the feet of the Chrobry Embankment, sailed to the Dąbie Lake, then performed a gybe and raced back to the finishing line, opposite the National Museum. The wind was unfavourable to the young contestants that day. They constantly had to manipulate the sail to cover the distance as quickly as possible. Kamil Zbolak, from the Hestia Sopot Club, performed better than any other in such unfavourable conditions and won the contest. Our contestants from Szczecin, in the boys category, finished outside the podium: Błażej Błażowski was rated 6th and Jan Handke 11th. Hanna Zembrzuska the Pałac Młodzieży Youth Sports Centre won the bronze medal for Szczecin, losing only to Nina Szymczyk (Baza Mrągowo Sports Club), the winner in the contest, and Joanna Henszke (Sopot Sailing Club).

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