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Architecture Prize Winners Announced

Friday, 20/11/2009
Architecture Prize Winners Announced

The Szczecin on Water competition generates new ideas for development in the city.

Administered by the City’s Spatial Planning Office, the contest drew entries from eight teams of architects and planners, who were required to submit concepts for comprehensive urban and architectural development plans, including those for tourism and recreation and for water transport. The aim of the competition was to find and describe other attractions and tourist values that would strengthen and promote the Floating Garden brand.

This is an important competition in terms of image— Mayor Piotr Krzystek during the announcement of the results – It fits perfectly the Floating Garden brand of the city, which views waterside development as one of the pillars of the future of Szczecin.

As part of the competition, teams were asked to site marinas for water sports, harbours for inland-navigation vessels (passenger ships, ferries, water taxis etc.), river and lake beaches, harbours for water homes and restaurants on water, a water ski-cable tow, canoe trails, fishing accesses, and parkland. The judges were led by Elżbieta Buszyńska, MSc Eng. Arch. (TUP Szczecin) and the reporting judge was Stanisław Kondarewicz, MSc Eng. Arch. (SARP Szczecin).

The winners (and their prizes) included

1st place (PLN25,000):


According to the jury’s justification, “the value of the work lies in a synthesised and studious approach to the subject of the competition; an exhaustive treatment of the subject, that is an accurate identification and valorisation of water and waterside areas, which may serve as a base for tourist and water sports facilities in Szczecin and link this system with neighbouring districts. (The submission) takes into account the enormous potential for the development of recreational areas and waterside tourism, both within the city limits and in its connections with the external system. In order for the waterside areas to function properly, it is necessary to create a coherent recreational and waterside tourism system, both for the city and region.”

2nd place (PLN10,000):
GRZEGORZ MAKAREWICZ, KARODEJK L, ŁUCJA WYRĄBKIEWICZ, and AGNIESZKA SIEDLCZYŃSKA, all 4th-year students at Poznan University of Technology

The jury have emphasised that “the work includes concepts of a coherent, mobile, multi-centre system of communication connections, linking the waterside recreational areas and the areas of high environmental and cultural significance, as well as areas that are major tourist attractions or can potentially attract tourists.” 
The competition entries will be used by the City Spatial Planning Office and the Municipal Office for planning and study projects, strategic documents and departmental policies and programmes.

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