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Szczecin in Istanbul

Saturday, 21/11/2009
 Szczecin in Istanbul

Szczecin in Istanbul

Representatives of Szczecin and participants in this year's Tall Ships' Races will take part in an international conference in Istanbul organised by Sail Training International.

The International Sail Training & Tall Ships Conference 2009, summarising The Tall Ships’ Races 2009, will be held in Istanbul (Turkey) from 19 to 21 November. A similar meeting was held in Szczecin in 2006.

The Main topics of the conference are as follows:

  1. Summary of the Regatta season 2009. This year The Tall Ships Races took place on the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea.
  2. Official announcement about the four years' cooperation between Szczecin and Sail Training International.
  3. Thematic workshops referring to methods of recruitment and preparation of the crews for the Regatta, safety on the sea, promotion of the Regatta and events at ports, learning on boards of sailing ships during the Regatta, winning sponsors, economic influence of sailing events on the economy of the cities, and the possibilities of using EU funding for sail training.

The organisers of the conference have asked three residents of Szczecin to participate and join the Fryderyk Chopin crew during The Tall Ships Races 2009. Szczecin, then, will be represented by Roma Wiszowata (II High School), Iza Kujawiak (XIII High School) and Łukasz Wójcik (teacher at 3 High School Complex). This invitation is a result of the highly-estimated and awarded method of work of the representation of Szczecin during  the Regatta.

Young people, during one of the workshops, will describe and depict methods of preparation of the Regatta, and will account their own experiences from cruises and stays at ports. During the Saturday session they will also encourage juggling, for which the Szczecin crew is well-known. The city has prepared 400 sets of three balls for practice. Demonstrations will take place at the promotion stands of Szczecin City. There are days full of work ahead of them.

During the conference meetings with cities - the organisers of the Regatta 2010-2013 will be held. A very important issue raised is talks with ports of 2010, referring to the presence of Szczecin in each of them during the nearest Regatta. The convention is also a good opportunity to talk to the captains and sailing ship owners concerning docking in Szczecin.

You will find more information about the conference on the organiser's website www.istanbul2010.org and www.szczecin.eu/sail_szczecin/friends


The regatta The Tall Ships’ Races:

  1. are organised every summer in the waters around Europe for young people, irrespective of their nationality, religion or social background,
  2. promote the notion of sail-training: education of young people on board of yachts and sailing ships in the spirit of honesty, solidarity and tolerance,
  3. attract a fleet of ships numbering 80 to 100 sailing ships and approximately 6,500 crews members from up to 50 countries,
  4. every year attract crowds of 3 - 4 million people and over 400 people connected with media to four/five ports - the organisers of the Regatta.

In future years the Regatta will be held in the following waters:

2010 Regatta on the North Sea: Antwerp (Belgium), Aalborg (Denmark), Kristiansand (Norway), Hartlepool (Great Britain).
2011 Regatta of the West Coasts: Waterford (Ireland), Greenock (Scotland), Lerwick (Scotland), Stavanger (Norway), Halmstad (Sweden).
2012 Regatta of the Iberian Peninsula: Saint-Malo (France), Lizbona (Portugal), Kadyks (Spain), La Coruna (Spain), Dublin (Ireland).


The Sailing Ships Rally in 2013 will be held in Szczecin.

For the next four years Szczecin will also be a titular partner in The Tall Ship’s Races - the biggest sailing event in the world. Thanks to  cooperation with Sail Training International Szczecin has the opportunity to promote tourism  and cultural and economic development, in the international arena, and in ports hosting the Regatta we were provided with many amenities, i.e. areas for promotional/display stands, participation in award ceremonies, and the right to exhibit our brand in each port organising the Regatta.

Identification of the Regatta, including logo, will be present on all official advertising materials, promotional materials, websites, press releases, and the Regatta documentation, banners, flags and port signs, plates with the names of sailing ships, and crews’ T-shirts and clothes. Szczecin will have the right to use the name of the Regatta and will be granted the opportunity to give out sub-licences to other partners.

The first final of TSR in Szczecin was held in 2007. This event was a great organisational, media and economic success. It influenced the way the residents of Szczecin perceive their city and allowed them  to believe that the organisation of huge undertakings in Szczecin is possible.


On authority of the Press Officer of the Mayor of the City

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