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Windsurfers fare well at junior nationals

Friday, 25/09/2009
Windsurfers fare well at junior nationals

Szczecin’s Hanna Zembrzuska led a contingent of local competitors at the Polish Junior Windsurfing Championship.
The event, which took place in September, saw the 17-year-old Zembruszka – a member of Poland’s national team – take the bronze medal in the RS-X class. Szczecin’s Natalia Kacprzyk placed sixth in the event, held at Górki Zachodnie near Gdańsk.
Meanwhile, Błażej Błażowski, Jan Handke and Łukasz Szóstak were 5th, 6th and 7th, respectively, while Jakub Skorupski was classified in 16th position, and Patryk Andrzejewski in 18th. The competitors from Szczecin all regularly train at the Sailing Centre, and represent Pałac Młodzieży Youth Sports Centre, and are coached by Tomasz Franczak. This season, they also will participate in the Polish Senior Championship, in the Olympic classes.
Find more details at www.centrumzeglarskie.pl

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