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Cappuccino the Winner

Monday, 14/09/2009
Cappuccino the Winner

The 2nd EPIFANES TROPHY Regatta – Szczecin Classic Race on Lake Dąbie has just come to an end, with the yacht Cappuccino proving to be the best.
Participation in the classic yacht regatta was open to all vessels built before 1970 which have wooden or steel hulls. At the start (on 12 September at 10.00 am), there arrived 15 vessels which met the above criteria. Dozens of lovers of old yachts gathered on the quayside of the West-Pomeranian Sailing Centre to watch the start. The beautiful sunny weather was favourable to the sailors, though weak and fitful winds made the skippers use their best skills and endeavours. The situation of ships with the deepest draught was further hampered by the progressive shallowing of the lake. Running aground could not be avoided.
The continuously weak wind made the contest jury shorten the regatta course. The fastest yachts appeared on the finishing line around 2.00 pm. The official closing of the regatta took place at 6.00 pm. This year’s EPIFANES TROPHY was earned by Captain Kacper Tuński, sailing on the yacht Cappuccino. Shanty concerts and the sailing feast for old-yacht lovers continued until very late!

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