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Indestructible sailor from Szczecin

Thursday, 01/12/2011
Indestructible sailor from Szczecin

He was sailing for almost 40 days through the Atlantic, defeating his weaknesses, fighting against opposite wind, failures of the yacht and rivals. But he fulfil his dream and finished, as the third Pole in the history, one of the most difficult oceanic race from France to Brazil.

In a French La Rochelle port, on September 25th, Radek started his struggle in the La Charenta-Maritime/ Bahia Transat 6.50 race. After 38 days of the lonely sailing he reached Bahia in Brazil. Sailing, he “did” a collision – probably with a whale and next a failure of the generator. A result of these two events was a two-times stopover and repair of damages. In spite of it, Radek finished the race. Only 59 of 79 competitors were able to perform this feat. The organisers gave him a nickname “indestructible”, it means “impossible to destroy”.

- “Your feat can be compared to conquering of a mountain 8000 m high. I congratulate you this tremendous success and I am pleased that the inhabitant of Szczecin did it” – says Piotr Krzystek, the President of Szczecin during a conference with Radek Kowalczyk participation. President awarded a congratulation letter, acknowledgements and a wrist watch to the brave sailor.

The acknowledgements and congratulations awarded also Edward Osina, the President of Calbud company which was the main sponsor of Radek participation in the race.

- “There were beautiful moments during sailing, even if the moment when I was sailing among a school of dolphins, wonderfully seen from the deck of the low, as a matter of fact, yacht. There also were hazardous and dangerous moments. One of such was undoubtedly breaking the keel after the first collision” – said Radek Kowalczyk.

The difficulty of the race results also from its regulations. Sailors sail on tiny yachts which are not equipped with the latest achievements of the contemporary technology such as a satellite telephone or electronic maps or a computer with current weather forecasts. Fortunately, while staying in ports, Radek could rely on the Calbud Team members.

- “I would like to thank very much everybody who contributed to finishing the races by me. Although I was alone on water, I was conscious that there are persons who support me and are ready to help me at any moment”.

Radek is not going to rest in incoming days. He is going to France for the yacht he sailed on. He will have a rest only during Christmas time. And after it …..
- “The beginning of preparations to the next race, which will take place in 2013” – declares Radek Kowalczyk.

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