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"Dar Szczecina" on the podium in TTSR final

Wednesday, 10/08/2011
"Dar Szczecina" on the podium in TTSR final

The next great success of our sailors. „Dar Szczecina” („The gift of Szczecin") was third in his class at the finish line of this year the Tall Ships Races in Swedish Halmstad.

The crew of „Dar Szczecina” („The gift of Szczecin") finished with the fashion in Swedish Halmstad: at the finish line of the last race of this year's races, this crew was the third once again in his class C. A combined Szczecin representation consisting of crews „Dar Szczecina" („The gift of Szczecin”) and „Dar Mlodziezy” („The gift of Youth") was considered the best on the street parade.

- „Dar Szczecina („The gift of Szczecin") held high positions at the finish line of all three races, once as the second in class C, twice as the third, and all the official youth representation of our city youth three times deprived prizes for the best street parade - in Greenock, Scotland, in Lerwick in Shetland, and in Halmstad - Wieslaw Seidler from The Western Pomeranit Sailing Association reported.

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