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A Man from Szczecin will sail in the deadly regattas

Friday, 15/07/2011
A Man from Szczecin will sail in the deadly regattas

Radoslaw Kowalczyk - a sailor from Szczecin has a great chance to take part in the toughest ocean regattas Mini Transat. The last Preliminary competitions of this season are still ahead of him.

On the 17th of July the Man from Szczecin will go on the Transgascoigne regattas. Those are the last but the most difficult elimination this season’s regattas. They take place on the route from France to Spain and back. The sailor from Szczecin will have to sail as much as 600 nautical miles, that is over 1000 kilometres and in hard and dangerous waters of the Bay of Biscay. A good place in this competition will open his way to Mini Transat regattas.

In the toughest regattas in the Word 80 places are reserved, and 300 sailors are fighting for them. The daredevils sail lonely through the Atlantic defeating the route from France to Brazil amounting to 4200 nautical miles (ca 8000 km). It takes them from 30 to 45 days. They sail on extremely small and fast yachts.

In order to make the competition harder, the yachts have no contemporary electronics helping the sailors’ navigation. Contact of sailors with the land is also prohibited. The satellite transmitter on board is the only thing providing the sailor’s security. In the sailor from Szczecin’s opinion the toughest thing is the minute space on the yacht and loneliness. The boat is entirely filled with equipment and food. The regatta participant may sleep up to 15 minutes. A longer snooze would lead to dangerous happenings.

Szczecin is among many subjects and companies supporting the sailor. During the regatta Radosław Kowalczyk will be ‘the ambassador of the city’. Let us all keep our fingers crossed for successful elimination and the ability to take part in the toughest regattas in the world for the sailor from Szczecin.

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