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More recreation in the forests of Szczecin

Friday, 15/07/2011
More recreation in the forests of Szczecin

More scenic routes and horse trails will be created in Szczecin. A new tennis court and mini-basketball pitch on Polana Sportowa. The city received EU funding for new attractions for residents and tourists.

A New hiking trail with a length of 4.22 km will be established in Szczecin around the Emerald lake. For this purpose the already existing tracks and forest roads, which will be renovated, will be used. The hiking trail will have three viewpoints: Barasel tower, Skórcz Mountain and "Eye on Szczecin" in a clearing Widok.

The second trail will be built in the area of Warszewa and Osowa. A forest path will be renovated, a wooden footbridge and observation deck at the Park-Landscape Complex "Wodozbiór" will be established (in the area of the complex Wysoki Staw and Gręziniec and Sienniczka have their sources.

Within the confines of the project an almost 13 km horse riding trail will be established, which will begin at the stud in Osowa and it will end in the vicinity of the Głębokie Lake from the side of Wołczkowa.
The new scenic routes and horse trails will be created next year.

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