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First success at the regatta

Tuesday, 12/07/2011
First success at the regatta

This year's regatta The Tall Ships Races began on 30 June in the Irish Waterford. Two of our boats, "Gift of bristles" and "Endorfina" during the first phase already occupied top positions.

Waterford is the first port on the route of The Tall Ships Races, which involved a total of 7 units from Poland, including 2 Szczecin yachts: "Dar Szczecina/The gift of Szczecin" and "Endorfina."

On the route from Waterford to the Scottish Greenock the crew of our yachts was far from being disappointing and both units came at the forefront of the race. "The gift of Szczecin" took the second place in class C (no spinnaker yachts) and "Endorfina" was second as well but in class D (yachts with spinnaker). The young crew of "Endorphins" with Wojtek Duck as the captain, has won the first award a few days earlier - during a street parade they turned out to be the best in the group of smaller units.

A three-day meeting of all units in Greenock immediately after the end of the first stage of the race hasn’t turned out to be unsuccessful either. The team from Szczecin enhanced by 22-man crew anchored on board "The gift of Youth", together with students of Gdynia Maritime University, organized the best parade, during which they promoted Szczecin. During the march, led by a sailor on stilts, there was a lot of fun, colourful costumes, singing and fire shows. In the competition even Szczecin has defeated even the exotic Colombian crew of "Gloria."


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