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Sailors’ Avenue as early as next year!

Saturday, 11/06/2011
Sailors’ Avenue as early as next year!

Sailors’ Avenue will be built! The representatives of Szczecin Sailing Committee and the Mayor Piotr Krzystek informed during a press conference launching this year's Days of the Sea.
Preparations will commence already this year. Unveiling of the first elements, and the official opening is planned for the Sea Days of 2012. The Avenue will be built on the embarkments of the Odra river from the railway bridge (now being upgraded Piast’s boulevard) to the Maritime Station. It will be created for years, so that further accents be present during the sailor events of the subsequent Sea Days, TTSR'2013 Regatta finals. The city responded in this way on the initiative of boating environments, centered around Social Committee "Sailing Szczecin."
The Avenue is to be a place dedicated to the traditions of sailing, marine and aquatic of Szczecin of Western Pomerania.

The term "Sailors’ Avenue" is the broadest term that includes all who sailed on the sea or were linked with it and their yachts, ships, adventures and desires. "Sailor" is a man who loves the sea, sailing in it, living in symbiosis with the water, and the associated with him sailing has many meanings and dimensions ranging from the practical to the metaphysical.

The chapter appointed by the mayor will watch over who and what will be displayed in the Avenue. It is to be composed of people of the sea, science, culture and art. The tasks of this group will include developing a detailed formula for the avenue and an indication of the principles of enriching it with new details related to the people of the sea, cruises, expeditions.

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