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The Sea Chronicle of Szczecin will gain new splendor

Friday, 04/03/2011
The Sea Chronicle of Szczecin will gain new splendor

Within the framework of rebuilding and repair of Bulwar Piastowski (the Piast Boulevard) the sandstone wall with its sculpture decoration and plaques referring to the sea connection of the city will be renewed.

The Sea Chronicle of Szczecin was commissioned by the City Council to commemorate results of work of Szczecin’s shipbuilders, dockers, sailors and fishermen. The formal unveiling took place during the Sea Days on the 22nd of June 1968. Designed and realized by Sławomir Lewiński bas-relief frieze consists of 42 pieces placed on the wall alongside Bulwar Piastowski (the Piast Boulevard) from Most Długi (the Long Bridge) to Trasa Zamkowa (the Castle Route). Some of the examples are:
• Black basalt relief representing an African mask embedded in the wall with a sandstone plaque beneath which reads: UNIAFRICA//opening of the line //29.09.1961”.
• Square sandstone plaque, around the convex circle there is an inscription that reads Szczecin area//around the world/ In the centre there is a ship outline, above the trident-logo PŻM, beneath the dates: //20.X.66 // 14.IV.67.
• Sandstone plaque represents the realistic image of K.I. Gałczyński. Above the relief on the left there is a an oblong plaque with an inscription: „K. I. Gałczyński” On the right another one that reads: Raising the flag// 23.IX.1964
• Sandstone plaque with a relief of a seahorse
• Pre-Columbian snake – granite relief embedded In the sandstone wall

There is a description of all the 42 pieces in the attachment

The sandstone elevation will be cleaned and repaired, dents and joint will be refilled. The reliefs and plaques will be removed and cleaned, repaired and fixed again. All the work will be supervised by Jakub Lewiński, the Chronicle’s author’s son.

Rebuilding of Bulwar Piastowski (the Piast Boulevard) will be finished by November 2012.

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