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New shapes of park and squares

Tuesday, 30/11/2010
New shapes of park and squares

Parks, lawns, and squares are indisputably a showcase in Szczecin. Therefore, each year the Public Utilities Department makes investments to improve their aesthetics.

This year a new look has been given to St. Barbara’s Square, Noaowski’s Park. The works that took place included levelling out the ground and laying new lawns and paths. The park has been given new benches and lamp posts. The cost of the investment was estimated at PLN 51 thousand. Earlier, the old basin in Jordanowski Garden was transformed into a fountain. The reconstruction of the fountain cost 260 thousand zlotys.

The reconstruction of St. Barbara’s Square started in August this year. The renovation involved the reorganisation  of the spatial and transportation order of the whole place. The fire water reservoir has been removed, and the square has been given a new pattern of paths, all leading to the central square. Everything has been planted with greenery. The square is lit with stylish street lamps. Street furniture has also appeared. St. Barbara’s Square is yet another place that has been given a new look this year. Earlier Jakub Wujek Square, Szczerska Square, and Jeziorko Słoneczne, had been reconstructed.

The cost of the investment is over PLN 1 million.

A walking and cycling route that connects Kasprowicz’s Park and Arkoński Park, has been also modernised and lit this year. During the first stage of the investment, 39 street lamps were installed and further 47 are beig installed now. Reconstruction works are going to finish in mid December. The cost of the investment is nearly PLN 287 thousand. 13 new street lamps are going to be installed in Badetka Square. The investment is going to cost PLN 50 thousand.

The Public Utilities Department takes care of 15 parks and 90 squares. Many of these are lit e.g. Anders Park, Noakowski, Żeromski, Nadratowski Park, Jasne Błonia, and the Park in Wiosny Ludów Street. In total, the squares, parks and lawns of Szczecin are lit with over 1000 street lamps. Other squares, e.g.  Łyczywek Lawn, the lawn in Słowinski Square, and the Park in Pucka / Goleniowska Streets, are going to be given street lamps next year.

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