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Champions of wind-surfing

Thursday, 18/11/2010
Champions of wind-surfing

The Szczecin windsurfers who won 20 medals at the Championships of Poland, Europe, and the World, have summed up the season.

During a meeting at the Youth Palace, the young medalists and their trainers recollected this year’s competitions and their achievements. The guests included, among others, Hanna Zambrzuska, Jan Handke, and Błażej Błażowski, these being the most successful athletes.

The windsurfers from Szczecin competed this year, e.g., at the Junior Polish Championship in the RS:X class held in Dobrzyń. The athletes from the Yachting Centre have won silver and bronze medals. The best of them was Hanna Zambrzuska with silver, followed by Natalia Kacprzyk who came 5th. Among the boys, Błażej Błażowski took 4th and Jakub Skorupski 5th places.

The greatest successes were the ones achieved during the Youth World Championship in Windsurfing in the RS:X class organised in Limassol, Cyprus on 23 - 31 October. Hanna Zambrzuska took the lead and then won the silver medal. 114 people from 16 countries participated in the competitions. The other representative of Szczecin – Natalia Kacprzyk– came in 31st. In the boys’ competition, Błażej Błażowski from the Yachting Centre was placed 16th and Jan Handke 35th.
Many people put their effort into the success of the Szczecin windsurfers:
he achievements of our athletes are made up of many elements. Apart from their hard work, equally important is the engagement of their parents and the trainer. It’s great that our sportsmen have enjoyed such successful performances in this discipline“ said Elżbieta Masojć, Deputy Mayor of Szczecin, while handing over congratulatory letters and gifts to the champions of windsurfing.

The Szczecin athletes, being among few in Poland, train all year round. During winter seasons they sharpen their skills on iceboards.
“The excellent performance of our sportsmen at the world championship is the crowning achievement of the whole season. It’s a result of multi-hour training, effort and dedication” summed up Tomasz Franczak, the trainer of the Szczecin competitors.

The windsurfing centre in Szczecin is one of the best in Poland. In September next year, the local Yachting Centre will host the Long-Distance Polish Championship in the RS:X class.

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