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Benches and Stoewer for "Zajezdnia Sztuki"

Thursday, 14/10/2010
Benches and Stoewer for "Zajezdnia Sztuki"

In The Museum of Communication and Technology “Zajezdnia Sztuki” there took place a presentation on ecological benches. They were created by Monika Szpener and the Stoewer V5, a car from Germany.

Monika Szpener, on behalf of Szczecin’s Remondis, gave the Museum of Communication and Technology- “Zajezdnia sztuki” ecological benches, made of recyclable materials. The materials were gathered during selective waste collection.

The artistic benches consumed half a tonne of cardboard, 1500 plastic bottles, and 100 kg of scrap paper, 200 used computer keyboards and 15 old computers. Monika Szpener is a graduate of the Fine Arts Department at M. Kopernikus University in Torun. Her main field is sculpture - from the portrait and the nude to sculptural installations and compositions. The main theme of her art works is humanity and the environment created by him in the context of increasing corruption.

During this meeting, the Director of the Museum of Communication and Technology - Stanisław Horoszko - presented a car imported from Germany- a Stoewer V5 - produced in 1932 in Szczecin. The car has preserved its original varnish and condition.

Although the museum will be open to tourists from 22nd October, it’s today that Stanisław Horoszko thanked the residents of Szczecin for all their contribution to its functioning. It is Szczecin’s residents who donated a big share of exhibits. He also urged future cooperation in creating the collection.

More info at www.muzeumtechniki.eu

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