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World Tree Day

Thursday, 07/10/2010
World Tree Day

For the first time World Tree Day will be celebrated in the Municipal Forests of Szczecin. The action is to be carried out tomorrow, 8 October 2010 in two municipal forest districts - Głębokie and Dąbie.

It does not mean that earlier a new generation of trees has not been planted – of course it has, but in recent times many initiatives happen to have an action-based character, so this useful proposal is worth adopting.
So what and where are we to plant? The action will be carried out in two municipal forest districts - Głębokie and Dąbie.

  • In the region of Gajówka Owczary in an area of 0.50 ha a new generation of trees will be planted – about 4 000 two-year-old beeches. In the areas in which trees will be planted, furrows will be ploughed by means of a forest plough. The foresters have invited young people from the Youth Sociotherapy Centre No. 2 at ul. Jagiellońska in Szczecin to participate in planting the forest – about 80 people in total. At the end a bonfire is planned for the young people.
  • In the Dąbie forest district, the action of planting was planned in the Forest Park Zdroje near ul. Radosna. In an area of about 0.20 ha students from the Horticultural School Complex in Szczecin Zdroje - for years cooperating with the Municipal Forests Authorities (from one class, over 20 people) - will plant about 1000 – 2000 two-year-old beeches, also in the area, where furrows had been ploughed earlier. At the end a bonfire, food and drinks were organised for the young people.

In both forest districts the planting is scheduled to begin at 9.00 a.m. and will last about 3 hours. Apart from planting, foresters will also give talks on environmental subject matter.

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