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"Dar Szczecina" first to reach the finish line in Hartlepool!

Thursday, 05/08/2010
"Dar Szczecina" first to reach the finish line in Hartlepool!

The crew of “Dar Szczecina” under the command of captain Jerzy Szwoch has already turned up in Hartlepool as the first yacht of the C class (yachts without spinnakers) in the second and last stage of the Tall Ships Races 2010, an international regatta competition.

The sailors managed to repeat the result from the first stage which led from Antwerp to Aalborg, when “Dar Szczecina” also finished as the winner in its class.

This wasn’t the first success of “Dar Szczecina” in the Tall Ships Races regatta. Since 2004, that is since it again started to take part in competitions, the flagship of our city – with a break for renovation in 2008 – each year comes in the lead of its class. In 2006, in the final classification, it took the highest place on the podium.

“Dar Szczecina” was constructed at the former Szczecin L. Teliga Yacht Shipyard. Last year it celebrated its 40th anniversary, and 2 years ago it underwent a general renovation in Puck, including the reconstruction of the interior. The unit is a classic oceanic wooden yacht, 18 metres long, with sails measuring 140 sq. metres. The crew consists of 12 people. The owner of the yacht is the City of Szczecin, and its charterer is the Sailing Centre (the former Marine Centre of Youth Palace).

Similarly to other units of the Centre, “Dar Szczecina” is also used for training and marine voyages by young people from Szczecin, among whom are the laureates of the Regional Programme of Water and Sailing Education, unique on a national scale. It is run by the Department of Education in the Szczecin City Hall and implemented by the Youth Palace.

More about the Tall Ships Races 2010:

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