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Canoeing at The Days of the Oder

Thursday, 08/07/2010
Canoeing at The Days of the Oder

As a part of this year’s Days of the Oder, the KaYaK Szczecin Canoeing Association (along with friendly clubs from Police, Goleniów, and Stępnica) is organising a two-day festival of water recreation, which also promotes in Szczecin the international water festival “Big Jump.”

The weekend’s event is going to be held in several stages. Everything starts next Saturday, 10 July, when at 12 o’clock the canoeists join the parade of the Oder Rafting entering the Chrobry Embankments.

The Chrobry Embankments is also the place where all the canoeists of Szczecin and its environs are going to meet, and then set out in the direction of Lake Dąbie. There, they are going to participate in the evening “Chopin on a Concrete Ship” concert. According to the organisers’ estimates the concert could be attended by over a hundred canoeists.

On Sunday, 11 July, next to the Chrobry Embankments the “1st Szczecin Canoeing Critical Mass” is planned. The trip is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m., with the appearance at the Chrobry Embankments of Viadrus, the Spirit of Odra, who is going to thank the authorities for cleaner water in the Oder and make a plea for creating safe banks and conditions for canoeing in the region.

At 3 o’ clock, Viadrus and the canoeists are going to take part in the Big Jump – a collective water jump celebrated all over the world, the aim of which is to draw attention to the preservation of clean waters.

The organisers want us to notice that, as Amsterdam is famous for its bicycles, Szczecin could become famous as a city that offers great opportunities for water recreation and canoeing. No other Polish city can boast such a vast network of tributaries and water channels.

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