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Szczecin at the Tall Ships Races

Thursday, 08/07/2010
Szczecin at the Tall Ships Races

On Saturday, 10 July 2010, the regatta The Tall Ships Races 2010 are starting. The hosts this year are four ports in Belgium, Denmark, Norwich, and the United Kingdom:
1. Antwerp, housing sailors from 10 to 13 July 2010
2. Aalborg: 21- 24 July 2010
3. Kristiansand: 29 July - 1 August 2010
4. Hartlepool: 7 - 10 August 2010

The competition will be divided into two stages:
1. From Antwerp to Aalborg (13 – 20 July 2010),
2. From Kristiansand to Hartlepool (1 – s August 2010).

The route from Aalborg to Kristiansand will include a friendly stage, allowing young sailors to change vessels.

The Szczecin team is going to sail three ships this year – the yachts DAR SZCZECINA and ZRYW and the sailboat POGORIA. The crew of POGORIA will consist of young residents of Szczecin, Westpomeranian Voivodeship and Poznań.

Other Polish vessels will compete in the regatta as well - Dar Młodzieży, ORP Iskra, Kapitan Głowacki, Brego, Endorfina, Gaudeamus, Qeenian, and Rzeszowiak.

Young people from Szczecin will have a special role to fulfill. In each of the ports there will be a promotional stall served by the members of the Szczecin team. Visitors will obtain information about the city, and learn how to juggle or play percussion instruments. 4000 juggling balls have been provided for the guests visiting the promotional stall – each ball with the logo of the Tall Ships Races 2013, which is going to take place in Szczecin.

Juggling was the hallmark of the Szczecin team during the regatta in 2009. It was thanks to juggling that the young sailors easily made acquaintances with their colleagues from other vessels and residents of the cities which hosted the regatta. These skills and the manner of their presentation during the parade of crews have been noted and awarded in Turku and Klaipeda. This year, the representatives of Szczecin have additionally gained the ability to play percussion instruments. In the parade of crews in Antwerp they will be accompanied by SAMBAL, a percussion band from Szczecin.

The organiser of The Tall Ships Races is Sail Training International, whereas the partner of the regatta for the next three years will be the City of Szczecin.

We invite you to follow this year’s regatta as covered by the crew of the Dar Szczecina yacht on the website of the Sailing Centre in Szczecin.

Below are the links to the hosting cities of TTSR 2010:

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