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Setting out on a cruise around the world from Szczecin

Friday, 28/05/2010
Setting out on a cruise around the world from Szczecin

Tomorrow the crew of Ulysses sets out on their biggest journey – following the traces of Władysław Wagner. Sailing the globe is going to take them two years.

The journey will start in Szczecin on 29 May and continue for at least 2 years. Ulysses’s crew: Mirosław Lewiński, Piotr Lewiński and Marek Grześkowiak, will set out on their biggest to date voyage from the AZS harbour at 11.00. On the journey they will visit places such as Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Trinidad, the Caribbean and Polynesia.

The voyage will be under the auspices of the Mayor of Szczecin Piotr Krzystek.

The yacht Ulysses is an innovative structure designed by the Dutch architectonic office Van der Stadt, built with the method wood core epoxy, which results in a strong, resistant hull. The ship is designated for long, oceanic voyages. The whole structure meets highest standards of stability and endurance of structures as well as safety, velocity and comfort.

Wagner’s cruise is not only a way of commemorating the first Pole who sailed around the world. This is also an opportunity to fulfil one’s dreams of great adventure, meeting new people and getting to know oneself. Everyone who loves the sea and challenges can join the crew and take part in one of the stages of the cruise.

All information on Wagner’s cruise are available at: www.rejswagnera.pl

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