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See Floating Gardens

Monday, 10/05/2010
See Floating Gardens

Szczecin and its surroundings have picturesque places and impressive views. One can explore them going on foot or by bike throughout the city, but also going on a canoe trip. A recently-issued guidebook and special supplements to Gazeta Wyborcza will come in handy in the organisation of the trip.
Szczecin, Międzyodrze, Lake Dąbie – a city canoeing guidebook” is the latest publication devoted to the waters of Szczecin, comprising areas from the limits of Lake Dąbie to Widuchowa (the southern boundary of Międzyodrze). The book abounds in illustrations, is well readable, and is published issued on waterproof paper.
The authors (Andrzej Kraśnicki jr, Arkadiusz Kozaczuk and Grzegorz Koralewski) present in a clear way the unique places, picturesque channels and reserves protected by law, on which using engines is forbidden. It is easier to see sea eagles, falcons, herons and beavers, living together with the city’s residents, from a canoe, and not from a noisy boat.
The guidebook includes, as well as the descriptions of nature and structures which can be seen only from the water, practical pieces of advice concerning addresses of water equipment rental services and the ways of getting into and out of a canoe, as well as information on the places of launching and resting. Nevertheless, the biggest part of the publication constitutes the suggestions concerning the routes of ten trips described in detail, as well as a 14-sheet map including all information essential for canoeists, including distances.

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