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The Szczecin Botanical Garden

Friday, 09/04/2010
The Szczecin Botanical Garden

A botanical garden will be established in the Mermaid Ponds area (in Polish: Syrenie Stawy). A tender for the garden concept will be published soon.
The Mermaid Ponds area satisfies a number of requirements which govern the botanical gardens’ location, namely
- it covers various communities of forest, water, marsh, and meadow plants
- it features water bodies,
- it is set within the territory of the park and forest complex,
- the area is free from any environmental threats (such as landfill sites, incinerating plants, boiler rooms, or factories),
- the area is located near the West Pomeranian University of Technology,
- there is a convenient transport connection with the city centre.
The Szczecin Public Utilities and Environmental Protection Department is now making efforts to commence tender proceedings for developing the project documentation entitled: “The Concept and Civil Engineering Design for an Arboretum within the Area of Mermaid Ponds in Szczecin.”
The land development concept will be visualised and presented to the Mayor of the City and the City Council, as well as the scientific community, ecologists, representatives of the society, etc.
Anyone interested will have a chance to express their opinions and make comments.
The pre-war botanical garden - Botanishe Schulgarten (in 1926) - occupied an area of around 55 ha, located within the present nature and landscape complex called The Arkoński Complex of Kasprowicz Parks.
This area is now used as a municipal green area, administered by the Municipal Services Enterprise. It serves the function of a park, and a recreational, leisure and nature area.

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