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Szczecin Representation at TTSR 2010

Wednesday, 17/03/2010
Szczecin Representation at  TTSR 2010

The Szczecin representation at the Tall Ships Races 2010 will consist of as many as 110 people. Recruitment is now to begin.

This will be the largest Szczecin representation ever. Last year our team received a special prize for its involvement and the creation of the right ambience.

This year the young people are to sail on three vessels - the Pogoria tall ship and two city-owned yachts – Dar Szczecina and Zryw.

Pogoria will take 80 crew members on board in two stages. Dar Szczecina will carry 18 and Zryw 12.

The Regatta is to begin on 10th July in Antwerp.

Stage 1: Antwerp 10 – 13 July to Aalborg 21 – 24 July

Stage 2: Kristiansand 29 July – 1 August to Hartlepool 07 – 10 August

Crews will be transported to Antwerp for the first stage. Following the completion of Stage 1, the crews will be exchanged for Pogoria in Copenhagen, and for Zryw and Dar Szczecina yachts in Skagen.

Following the completion of Stage 2, the Pogoria crew will return to Szczecin by coach from Hartlepool. The Dar Szczecina crew  will moor at Ijmuiden, having taken part in one of the Northern Regatta stages, while the Zryw crew is planning to return by an educational cruise running through two seas and three straits.

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