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New lamps illuminate Szczecin

Wednesday, 20/01/2010
New lamps illuminate Szczecin

Szczecin has completed the first stage of street-lighting modernisation. In 2009, nearly 200 lamps were replaced on the right bank of the Oder river. Thanks to this, our city is more ecological, safer and brighter. New lighting also brings significant cost reductions.   
The replacement of lightning sources is intended to bring a reduction in energy use in street lightning of a few dozen percent. Szczecin does not stand out from the  European trend, and is in the process of making these changes.
The changes are easy to notice, for example in ul. Krzemienna, Mechaniczna, Srebrna , and parts of ul. Bałtycka.
The modernisation of street lightning brings multiple benefits.

  • Lower costs

    Having completed the first stage of the works, Szczecin may present an economic analysis of the areas which have recently been modernised. The balance is favourable, as there are cost reductions  of more than 50% of the costs so far incurred on lighting. Thanks to this, the city will save as much as half a million zlotys per year.

  • Greater safety

    Old mercury-discharge lamps, which do not sufficiently disperse darkness, are being replaced by sodium lights. They radiate orange light, and are commonly known as “artificial sun.” Sodium light reaches a larger area and facilitates contrasting recognition of surroundings. Improvements in traffic have been noticed not only by drivers, but also by passers-by. Better lighting also increases also residents’ sense of security.

  • More ecological

    Energy-saving lamps use less energy, which reduces the emission of gases and particles to the atmosphere. The replacement of old mercury-discharge lamps by new sodium lights eliminates harmful mercury. The extended life of the new lamps is also reflected in the range of utilised devices.   
    These activities will be continued this year, and will cover, inter alia, the main streets on the right bank of the Oder river and in the district of Dąbie.

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