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Szczecin Communities form green oases

Tuesday, 19/01/2010
Szczecin Communities form green oases

The third edition of the programme “Green Precincts of Szczecin” has been launched. So far, nearly PLN 2.7 million has been invested in the construction of playgrounds and  the planting of greenery. This year condominiums may send their applications by 15 February 2010. Another million zlotys waits for them.  

Money for the programme comes from the commune’s budget, which is implemented by the Administration of Municipal Buildings and Premises. “Green Precincts of Szczecin, is devoted to condominiums administering premises owned by the commune or municipal companies  (TBS, SCR), and which entered into an agreement with the Administration of Municipal Buildings and Premises or with a municipal company regarding the use of the area belonging to the City of Szczecin Commune.

The programme has been implemented in Szczecin for three years. In 2008, the commune helped to finance the renovation of precincts in 30 condominiums, providing the amount of PLN 1.7 million, and in 2009, in 19 condominiums in the amount of PLN 1 million. It is possible to apply within the framework of the programme for subsidies to finance the purchase of materials and the cost of the works. Condominiums involved in the “green backgrounds” project can expect subsidies for the construction of new pavements and local parking lots, playgrounds and small sports and recreational infrastructure, as well as benches and elements of small architecture, or for planting greens. When creating green areas, together with associated infrastructure, resting places and parking spaces, condominiums may expect subsidies covering 75% of the cost of the works, and if a condominium decides to build a playground for children, it can obtain a subsidy 95% of the works’ cost.
The GreenPrecincts Programme has been positively welcomed by condominiums.  

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