Sleeping accommodations

In Szczecin, you can find almost 6,700 sleeping accommodations, all of which provide services of various quality standards. The city has in store luxurious downtown hotels, cosy hotels and boarding houses, and also hostels, affordable youth hostels and private apartments. In Szczecin, we can find:


  •  A high occupancy rate of hotels rooms, estimated at 64,5%.
  •  More than 390 thousand local and foreign tourists using the city's sleeping accommodations every year.
  •  21 hotels, including 5 four-star, and 7 three-star facilities. 

Szczecin’s rapid growth perspectives have been already noticed by well-known hotel chains, such as:

  • Orbis/Accor, (Novotel, Ibis, Etap),
  • Rezidor (Radisson BLU),
  • Louvre Hotels Group (Campanille).

Tourist package

Szczecin’s geographical location, its easy linkage to European communication systems, its economic development, and its numerous tourist values, all contribute to the growth of the hotel and tourist industry in the city. Beyond these, such factors as the city's historical heritage, cultural package, and the environmental values characteristic of the city make Szczecin’s offer attractive, depending on the various needs of the clients.

  • In Szczecin, there takes place a variety of perse popular concerts and cultural events. Among these are the Street Artists’ Festival, the Days of the See, and the PYROMAGIC Fireworks Festival.
  • Also much can be seen on the stages of its theatres, including then PLECIUGA Puppet Theatre, one of the most modern in Europe, and in Szczecin cinemas – with the world’s oldest cinema, Pionier, established in 1909.
  • Numerous restaurants offer an opportunity to taste the Westpomeranian culinary heritage, as well as dishes from all over the world.
  • In addition, the geographical and environmental values of the city promote active leisure – more than 100 km cycle routes, marinas, a go-kart track, a golf course, and tennis courts.