Szczecin Odra Park

Szczecin Odra Park

This is the first business centre in Szczecin that combines office space, commercial space and a hotel.
Szczecin Odra Park is a modern business centre located in the heart of a thriving innovative city of Szczecin, providing its tenants with all necessary tools to develop their business easily. Those include office work, conference and meeting rooms, as well as a wide retail offer to satisfy tenants’ needs including gym, restaurant, hotel and the like.
The highest standards of offices and social space as well as state-of-the-art technological solutions guarantee functionality and security, preserving at the same time the utmost aesthetics of the complex.
The available space has been designed in such a way as to tailor it to individual needs and requirements of the Tenant.
The space might be arranged individually according to one’s concept, both in classical and open space layout. The flexibility within the interior decoration allows for flexible and efficient modeling of the space, being in tune with the nature and preferred style of work.
The ground floor of each building will include service and commercial units with luxurious lobby and a reception desk.
The design of the underground provides for convenient and safe parking place.


32 000 m2 of office space divided into three buildings of 11 000 each,
4 000 m2 of commercial space, with small units from 100 m2 to a whole floor of 1 800 m2,
A 3 stars hotel with 144 rooms,
Parking with more than 600 car units.

Technical specifications:

Ground floor
Glass boxes rooms,
Easy circulation of pe ople,
Reception with 24 hour concierge system (356 days a year),
Building access with magnetic cards.

Typical floor
Suspended ceilings,
Usable height of 2.70 m,
Lighting per comfortable workstation,
Raised floors per IT cabling,
Modern finish in common areas,
Air conditioning,
Detection and firefighting system,
4 lifts per building: 3 public with 12 places and 1 service lift,
Floor plan designed for maximum natural lighting, being highly efficient to accommodate both open space plan and densely partitioned layout,
Parking with sprinklers.



Litwiniuk Property Sp. z o.o.
Piastów Office Center 
Al. Piastów 30
71-064 Szczecin  
tel. (+48) 91 488 77 88