Storrady Park Offices

Storrady Park Offices
Category: A
Town/City: Szczecin
Address: ul. Storrady Świętosławy 1A, 1B, 1C
Total area / Office space / Available office space: 7 400 m2 / 6 893 m2 / 4 825 m2
Net lease price: on request
Gross maintenance costs: on request
Net sale price: on request 
Year of commissioning:: 2016
Building status: completed
Form of disposal: lease
Developer: "Gryf" Strojny Sp. J.
Air conditioning Yes
Raised flooring Yes
Suspended ceiling Yes
Telephone wiring Yes
Electric wiring Yes
Computer wiring Yes
Sprinkler heads  
Smoke detectors Yes
Fitted carpet Yes
Wall-divided space Yes
Reception desk  
Security Yes
Optical fibres Yes
Telephone exchange Yes
Tilt and turn windows Yes


The exceptional, modern design accompanied by the restored, historical style of architecture and the unique location – at the foot of Chrobry Embankment – have made STORRADY PARK OFFICES one of the most attractive venues in Szczecin. This office, service and residential complex will comprise three facilities labelled as follows:

Building A – the main, five-floor building in the complex, the former power plant now undergoing restoration, located at the side of Storrady-Świętosławy Street, in parallel to Jana z Kolna Street.

Building B – a four-floor, glazed extension to the main building, “Szpilka”, including two one-storey shopping and service centres.

Building C – the current, three-floor office building at 1 Storrady-Świętosławy Street.

The facilities covered by this investment have been thoroughly designed as a follow-up to the traditional architecture of the entire quarter formed by Storrady, Kapitańska and Jana z Kolna Streets. The edifice which once housed a power plant will retain its historic façade, but will have its form highlighted through modern upward and side extensions. This post-industrial site will now adopt office, service and residential functions, with its service and office interiors open for customised arrangements.


Paweł Nowicki
tel. 507 085 564