Advanced technologies and investment capabilities are the major factors determining the competitiveness and economic growth of any region. The region’s development is primarily stimulated by innovative companies transferring technologies from the fields of science and the economy and hiring specialised employees. Innovation is one of the main aspects in the city’s development. There are a number of entities operating in Szczecin which support innovation:


The Szczecin Science and Technology Park (SPNT) - Technopark Pomerania
Technopark Pomerania was established by the Szczecin Science and Technology Park (Szczeciński Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Sp. z o.o.) with the aim of providing conditions conducive to innovation in Szczecin and the region, in particular supporting circles affiliated to the IT sector, including the outsourcing of IT services.

The Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (RCIiTT)
The RCIiTT operates within the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. The Centre provides consultancy and training services in the field of technology transfer, the funding of research and development, and support for academic entrepreneurship. It also initiates and coordinates cooperation between the business and scientific sectors, as well as fosters the growth of industrial clusters.

Clusters are created in order to enhance and accelerate innovation and improve access to knowledge and know-how. Cluster initiatives consist of, inter alia, attracting foreign investors in cooperation with other clusters, and sharing experience related to business and administration among companies associated in a cluster.

The SERVICE INTER-LAB centre set up at the Faculty of Management and Economics of Services, the Szczecin University, aims to sup¬port the services sector and enhance the region’s economic potential. Its tasks include the intensification of scientific research at the global level, the provision of services to com¬panies and meeting their needs in respect of innovations, the improvement of the quality of education and ensuring access to business practice, as well as the transfer of knowledge and innovations.

The International Hereditary Cancer Center, the Genetics and Pathology Unit of the Pomeranian Medical University
The centres have earned a prominent international position mainly thanks to achievements in the field of clinical can¬cer genetics. They conduct studies which have resulted in important discoveries in the field of prophylaxis, early detec¬tion and treatment of the most common forms of cancer.

The Centre for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (CMBB)
As part of the CMBB at Szczecin University the following laboratories have been created: the Laboratory of Molecular Biology with the Cytogenetics and Protoemics Laboratory, and the Laboratory of Environmental Research with its collection of plants and bank of seeds located in Małkocin - 40 minutes from the centre of Szczecin. The aim of the project is to raise the intellectual and economic potential of the region by using the laboratory basis for research for the enterprises interested in gaining new technological solutions.

The Centre for Bioimmobilisation and Innovative Packaging Materials
The centre is operated within the Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries of the West Pomeranian University of Technology. It is an implementation unit. Research-and-development activity focuses on the bioimmobilisation of living cells and microorganisms, the bioimmobilisation of biologically active substances, the preparation and formation of innovative packaging materials, and new techniques and technologies in packaging.

The Centre for Nanotechnology Research and Education
The purpose of the centre being created by the West Pomeranian University of Technology will be to educate students in the field of technical and technological science of great importance for economic development based on knowledge – nanotechnology.

The Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries
It is a unit of the West Pomeranian University of Technology open to cooperation with entrepreneurs in the field of bioeconomy based on the sustainable exploitation of biological water resources, and its use as a natural resource in manufacturing and other industries.

The OSTOJA Training and Research Centre for Renewable Energy Sources
The cross-border and innovative research unit of the West Pomeranian University of Tech-nology, located in the close vicinity of Szczecin, conducts research on innovative technologies that make use of renewable energy sources.

Centre for Maritime Technology Transfer (CMTT)
was founded on 1 December 2010 as an answer to a need of making the inventions of the Maritime University of Szczecinresearchers commercially successful. It is a unique institution in Poland as it concentrates entirely on the maritime sector.

The Westopomeranian Medical Cluster iSynergia - the objective of the cluster is to prepare and implement innovative technology and organisation solutions through integrated research and business activities in the period of five years following its launch, which will lead to the strengthening of the quality and the position on the market of the Westpomeranian medical sector.