Lastadia Office Center

Lastadia Office Center
Name: Lastadia Office Center
Category: AA
Town/City: Szczecin
Address: Zbożowa 4 St.
Total area / Office space / Available office space: 13 400 m/ 11 200m2 / 2 000 m2
Net lease price: 9.50 - 11.00 EUR
Gross maintenance costs: 12.00 PLN
Net sale price: To be negotiated
Year of commissioning: 2013
Building status: Office and service building
Form of disposal: To be negotiated
Developer: SGI S.A.
Air conditioning Yes
Raised flooring Yes
Suspended ceiling Yes
Telephone wiring Yes
Electric wiring Yes
Computer wiring Yes
Sprinkler heads
Smoke detectors Yes
Fitted carpet Yes
Wall-divided space Yes
Reception desk Yes
Security Yes
Optical fibres Yes
Telephone exchange Yes
Tilt and turn windows
Access control Yes
Lifts Yes
Other – specify  


Lastadia Office is a cutting-edge, category-A office block with six floors and the total area of 13 400 m2, its design echoing the prewar architecture of Zbożowa Street and its surroundings. This has been achieved by, among other things, combining clinker brick with glass and aluminum facades. The front façade is characterised by varied heights – from 15 to 22 m. The latest design solutions we have implemented here will guarantee you maximum comfort and ease of use.


Mirosław Ziółkowski 
email: miroslaw.ziolkowski 
Tel:  601 935 105