At the end of next year, entrepreneurs will get 11 thousand square meters of modern office space and technical infrastructure. The next phase of building Technopark Pomerania will have finished by then. The aim of the investment is to create conditions for cooperation of companies and organizations interested in investing in innovative products and services and in the long run to activate our region economically and increase the number of companies in modern technology sector.

Technopark Pomerania is the investment of Szczecin City intended for the development of innovative companies that have the crucial meaning for the development of the region. Total cost of the investment is 100 million PLN. Construction of Technopark was partially financed by Regional Operation Program of West Pomerania. Investment is well advanced as the counter stone has been already laid.
- I believe that the investment will bring new workplaces to our city soon- says Piotr Krzystek, the President of Szczecin - Thanks to such investments, Szczecin is more attractive and creative entrepreneurs will find their space here.

There will be two modern offices prepared for startups and dynamically operating companies from ITC branch. The offices will include typical and open-space offices, conference and training base, social facilities, a lot of common space, glass lobby and restaurant between two buildings. Everything is going to be built in the highest standard.

The third building is going to be an IT Center with the biggest server room in the region. It will serve new and most advanced services of IT branch such as hosting and hoteling of servers, managing information portals, topic server rooms, mass data processing, virtualization and archiving of information sources.

In the future it will also include complex business center, education center and research and development centers. In 2010, the first phase called "zero phase" ended and now 18 companies are already operating in 1200 square meters. They are mostly IT companies and non-governmental organizations. It is the place focusing on networking, coaching and scientific experiments.