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A Rising Star of the Services Market

Tuesday, 09/12/2008
A Rising Star of the Services Market

Szczecin earned recognition as a ‘rising star of the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector’ in a report by Colliers International, which was presented during conference about the outsourcing market in Poland.
The conference, organized in Warsaw by the Polish Agency of Information and International Investment under the title ‘Outsourcing in Poland – its Present State and Prospective Development’, was aimed at promoting the country as modern, European BPO service center. It also featured presentations about the newest trends in the outsourcing market in Poland.
One of the speakers was Magda Cieliczko, a director at Colliers International. She presented a report of BPO perspectives in Poland and estimation of attractiveness the biggest cities in a field of starting and running activities in the services sector. There were 11 Polish cities taken into consideration in the report and Szczecin was placed among the ‘rising stars of BPO sector.’
Among the criteria applied to evaluation of the suitability for hosting BPO were: access to personnel, cost of labor, business infrastructure, access to real estate, and the efficiency and openness of local government to BPO activities. Szczecin was given three positive indications: easy access to well educated personnel, business infrastructure and the cooperativeness of local government.
Szczecin is a good location for BPO because it is the only city whose strategy of development through 2015 is predicated on attracting BPO investments,” the report said. “It offers access to students graduated different colleges and universities, access to the sea, and s connections with Germany and Scandinavia.” 
Authors of the report noted new office buildings coming on stream and the expectation of other similar investments, which will increase the supply of office space in the coming years.
“There already are a few companies from the BPO sector in the city,” said city Vice-President Krzysztof Nowak. “We expect other investments like that. Development of modern services is one of the main goals in our strategy of economic development for the city. One of the encouragements for building office buildings are reductions of real estate taxes. I am glad, that our effort brings results and that they are noticed by independent experts.”

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