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"Pomorzany" waste water treatment plant is already in operation

Friday, 21/08/2009
"Pomorzany" waste water treatment plant is already in operation

One of the biggest investments of its type in Europe has been completed. The waste-water treatment plant „Pomorzany” has been launched.

The President of the city, Piotr Krzystek, opened the waste-water treatment plant. “For 30 years Szczecin residents have been waiting for a genuine waste-water treatment plant like this - said the President. So far it has been nature that had to cope with the problem of thousands of tonnes of waste water discharged directly to the Oder River. Today after five years of design and construction works we have a chance to open the first devices and installations of the Waste-Water Treatment Plant “Pomorzany”. This way we gradually support and implement the concept of „floating gardens”, and the implementation of the programme - “Improvement of water quality in Szczecin, which is the largest in the post-war history of the city, perfectly matching this concept”.
Next, Olgierd Geblewicz, the President of Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji (Water Supply System and Sewage System Company) emphasised that it was the last stage before the waste-water treatment plant is put into operation. “Now all appliances will be tested as part of the technological start up, which heralds the completion of this investment “ - said O. Geblewicz. 
The waste-water treatment plant “Pomorzany” is one the largest investments of its type in Central Europe. The completion of its construction is the next stage of the programme “Improvement of water quality in Szczecin” implemented with the support of EU funds. The cost of the programme amounts to 280 million Euro. 
The waste-water treatment plant „Pomorzany” will relieve the Oder River and the Baltic Sea and will provide clean and tasteful water for Szczecin residents.
Details on the waste-water treatment plant at www.zwik.szczecin.pl/fs/pliki/rama0.htm

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